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Hardcoregaming101.net Presents: The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures is an ode to one of the oldest genres in electronic gaming. It is 772 pages in length, covers over 300 games and includes a number of interviews with classic game developers. It is an expansive tome, jam packed to the brim with history, criticism, and trivia. If you've ever asked the question "If I like LucasArts and Sierra games, what other games should I play?", then this book should be your bible.

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Is the digital version in colour? I've just ordered the physical version which only contains monochrome images


Yup, the digital versions are color. The paperback version was monochrome due to the high cost of color printing with Amazon.


This sounds like a fascinating read, thank you. However, the PDF seems to be basically unformatted in any way. Is this on purpose? It makes it almost impossible to read due to how uncomfortable it is

BTW, this book is already great -- you have a section on Blue Force. Now I don't feel alone in the world anymore.

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It appears to be a PDF of the EPUB version. I have no idea what the Printed book version is like, but if it's like this then that is crazy.

Yeah, the content in this is just amazing, but I can't believe it would be this badly formatted to be honest. I hope the content owner sees this and can comment on it -- hopefully fix it, too.


The book is very old at this point, I would not expect any changes.

I found  a photo of the printed book - it's the same. https://www.tentaculopurpura.com/?p=6243

Finally, maybe look into using a reader that can reformat PDFs to make it more comfortable to read (I use a Sony Reader PRS650 as my physical ebook reader, and Foxit PDF on Windows)

Thanks for sharing your findings! I guess that's just the formatting for the book then, hahaha.